The memorable road trip experience

As reported earlier, the journey leading to kisoro will leave you nothing short of mesmerised and worthy for the thrill lovers… The roads having turns at almost every interval.. Viewing three levels or even more of the road.. Of course with the green greeting you on either sides… Absolutely beautiful for a worthy road trip…

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

This extensive piece of world renowned beauty awaits you in Kisoro. In the thick forests.. You will be met with these animals providing a once in a lifetime opportunity t o view the mountain gorrillas, an unforgetable time that’ll leave no chance for a regret.

The world famous mufumbiro mountains

Yess….there’s also this… Wherever you are in Kisoro… You’ll be able to see these breath taking ranges wherever you are in Kisoro… But that will never beat getting your hiking boots on… And embark on a climbing expedition of the ranges… You’ll have your breath taken away… Your camera needing to come in handy more…

On the road to kisoro..

There’s the river gushing through the forest… Providing a calming feel to even the stoniest of hearts… A great place to stop and… Dream..

Right on the road to Kisoro.

There’s also the priceless view in all angles.. Of the fabled Lake Bunyonyi and it’s beautiful islands…. Worth a stopover